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Your Safety

Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily follow that working electrics are safe electrics and when it comes to your home, you don’t just need your electrics to work, you need them to work safely.

The Warning Signs

How often do we ignore apparent warning signs that things aren’t quite right?

We’ve all experienced the hassle of a blown fuse, and replacing it only for it to blow again a few days later. Or the ceiling light that works on some days and not on others, or the smoke alarm that won’t shut up!

Are incidents like that around your home just bad luck, or is something else going on with your electrics?

Efficient, clean and economical

The good news is that safe electrics are also efficient, clean and economical to run, so by focusing on safety, Willis and Ward Electrical make sure that all the other aspects of your electrical systems and components are in top working order.

Niceic guarantee

We give certified industry guarantees to make sure that you and your family live in an electrically safe home.

With more than 25 years in the industry, we are experienced, electrical engineers with an emphasis on providing an efficient and professional service for homeowners and landlords.

  • Fire safety
  • Electrical safety reports and certification
  • Electrical system design and installation
  • Fault-finding and repairs
  • Niceic registered – Trustmark endorsed

The Willis and Ward Promise

  1. We’re covered! We maintain full public and employers’ liability insurance cover.
  2. The price we quote is the price you pay. Our free written quotes itemise every aspect of the work required and make clear what is and isn’t included in the price. We list the unit cost of individual components and specify labour charges separately so you know what you’re paying for.
  3. We respect your home. We use shoe-protectors, carpet protector, and dust sheets. We’ll tidy up after ourselves and are happy to bring our own drinks with us (but we’re always grateful for the offer of a freshly brewed cuppa).
  4. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We have an eco-policy on waste disposal and we’re health & safety compliant regarding the materials and components we fit at your property.
  5. Niceic Platinum Promise. The Niceic Platinum Promise offers customers 6 years peace of mind that any electrical work carried out by Niceic registered contractors is safe and meets the required regulations. If, following installation, it emerges that the work is not fully compliant with the required building regulations or installation standards; this industry guarantee ensures that the work will be brought up to standard by a Niceic registered contractor at no cost to you, even if the contractor who originally carried out the work is no longer in business.



About Willis & Ward Electrical

Phil Ward – Electrical Engineer

“We offer a fair price for a quality installation backed up with a no-quibble service guarantee”

Willis & Ward Electrical is a small friendly team led by an experienced electrical engineer, Phil Ward.

Phil and his team conduct all work personally including attending your home to assess the work required and carrying out the job on the day.

Safe, and working

Willis & Ward Electrical prides itself on being professional, reliable, trustworthy, and friendly. We are qualified electrical professionals with industry endorsement and service support.

All our work is conducted to comply with the current Part P Building Regulations, which applies to fixed electrical installations in dwellings (including gardens, and shared amenities in blocks of flats, and any building that shares its electricity supply with a dwelling).

On completion of notifiable work, you will receive a Part P building regulation compliance certificate, which stays with your property. This certification is included in the cost of your work.

Electrical installation notifiable under Part P Building Regulations

  1. The installation of a new circuit.
  2. The replacement of a fuse board/consumer unit.
  3. Any addition or alteration to existing circuits in a special location, which means rooms containing a bath or shower, or a room containing a swimming pool or sauna heater (this also applies to hot tubs).
  4. Outside the dwelling – for example, fixed lighting and weather-proof sockets attached to outside walls, garden/decking lighting including pond pumps and associated electrical systems.
  5. In outbuildings such as sheds, detached garages and domestic greenhouses, this also includes conservatories and porches.

Whilst clearing out the cupboard under the stairs, I noticed a pool of brown liquid on the floor and around a pipe coming from our electricity box. I immediately rang Phil to ask his advice and he came around to have a look. Phil knew straight away that our old box was leaking bitumen and needed replacing by our power company, but more than that, he pointed out that the house didn’t have an ‘earth’ connection! He gave me the emergency number to ring and Northern Power Grid sent a rapid response team to sort things out. Up until my discovery, everything in the house worked as normal and we had no idea we were living with these hidden dangers. Thanks Phil

Mrs D


Phil Ward fitted an outside light and did a couple of small electrical jobs for me on the same day. Of course, being an older property the little jobs ended up being far more involved. Phil made a lovely neat job of it all and rang me a couple of days later to check that everything was working to my satisfaction. Very impressed!

Mrs W





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